AWA Increases Baggage Allowance to Lagos, Abuja

Passengers traveling from Accra to Lagos and Abuja will now enjoy an increased check-in baggage allowance on Africa World Airlines (AWA).

The Accra-based airline has increased its check-in baggage allowance on the Accra-Lagos route from 23kg-25kg. Accra to Abuja passengers will also enjoy a baggage increase from 23kg-30kg

The increase in check-in baggage is expected to benefit businessmen and traders who ply the routes.

Ghana and Nigeria are two of the biggest economies in the sub-region. Currently, the two countries are said to account for about 68 percent of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) region’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Nigeria accounts for almost 10 percent of Ghana’s foreign trade volume, whereas Ghana is listed as the 9th largest trade partner for Nigeria—despite entry difficulties for some Ghanaian firms over the years.

In spite of the difficulties, Ghana remains Nigeria’s largest trade partner and favourite investment hub in the West Africa sub-region, as Ghana imports the largest share of all Nigerian oil exports in the West African sub-region.


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