Ghana hotels first to launch Handy Travellers phone in Africa

Tink Labs Limited, one of Hong Kong’s most successful start-ups that revolutionizes travel and tourism on Wednesday, July 26, launched its Handy Smartphone and announced its partnership with Ghanaian hotels to offer mobile travel solution to visitors.

The device helps travellers meet their unlimited demand for internet connection services in and outside the hotel room and at the same time serves as a tailored travel guide for tourists and integrating with hotel services.

It is the first of its kind in Africa and provides enormous benefits to both the traveller and partner hotels.

According to the Managing Director for Handy Africa, Mr. Steven To, Ghana was chosen because they found the perfect market here since we embrace new technologies and are willing to try new experiences.

Steven To further said Handy isn’t only focused on helping hotel guests but also focused on how to make all hotels which partner with it to increase revenue and stay ahead of competition by providing services that enrich visitor experience.

Kell Bakorkor, the West Africa Regional Manager of Handy noted that since the deployment of Handy smart device with the partner hotels weeks ago, the company has seen considerable interest from other hotels in Accra and Takoradi.
He added, “This is a revolution sweeping across the hospitality sector in Ghana and Africa as a whole and many hotels are signing on. Some of these in Ghana include Accra City Hotel, Tang Palace Hotel, Oak Plaza Hotel, Swiss Spirit Hotel and M Plaza Hotel among others”.
He also stated that the complementary service enables visitors to travel like locals through the provision of updated information on places of interest in their destinations and seamless connectivity.

“Travellers can explore customised city guides on Handy, curated by an experienced content provider to discover new Ghanaian experiences anytime, anywhere,” he said.

Handy, the flagship product of Tink Labs Limited is an innovative mobile travel solution that combines the functionality of a personal smartphone and hotel services into one fully integrated device.

Each Handy smartphone is customised for the hotel and provides travellers with free with one free unlimited internet connectivity, local and international calls, as well as an interactive city guide and one-click access to the hotel’s concierge and amenities.

Handy is already in cities around the world, covering 200,000 hotel rooms and has helped over 10 million global travellers stay connected.


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