#AirSeychelles puts on extra flights to #Mauritius to fly out cyclone affected tourists

Air Seychelles went beyond the call of duty when, in order to clear a passenger backlog to and from Mauritius – caused by last week’s cyclone Berguitta – they operated two back to back A330 charters last Saturday, transporting over 800 stranded passengers.

All airline departments worked hand in hand to make these ad hoc flights possible and bring relief to those who had waited for days to either leave Mauritius or else get there after the storm had passed.

Said Remco Althuis, Interim Chief Executive Officer of Air Seychelles: “We are glad that Air Seychelles was able to spring into action and provide timely assistance following the disruptions caused by cyclone Berguitta. Our staff worked together night and day as a team to organise the deployment of our A330 to Mauritius at very short notice, showing our impressive capacity to respond quickly to such situations. I would like to thank everyone involved for ensuring smooth operations.”

Credit: ATC News

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