#BrandAfrica modalities to be firmed up at this year’s #ITB

Modalities and roadmap for the #BrandAfrica project will be firmed up at this year’s International Tourism Bourse (ITB) Berlin in March. It will later be endorsed at the 61st Session of the Commission in Abuja, Nigeria in June.

That is according to the Chairperson of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Commission for Africa (CAF) and Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Tourism Najib Balala who in an exclusive interview with www.voyagesafriq.com on the side-lines of the recently held #Investour conference in Madrid, said, after the project has been thoroughly discussed at FITUR, the paperwork and documentation will be prepared for the project to be rolled out during ITB this March.

He added that, as a continent, we need to hit the ground running with aims and objectives of #BrandAfrica , adding that all member states will have to collaborate to achieve these objectives which will primarily focus on issues on governance, insecurity, leadership and health safety.
“We had a very interesting discussion this morning on brand Africa. There are three things that we need to be smart and address them. Reaction will not give us a solution. We need to be smart in addressing and looking at the strategies. One is to realize the realities. We need to address the issue of insecurity and health safety. We need to address the issue of governance and leadership and we need to address the issue of partnerships,” said Mr. Balala.

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The Cabinet Secretary also emphasized the need for key stakeholders on the continent to change the narrative by marketing ideas to the international media and tourism market.

“We need to have a clear possibility of promoting the continent. The continent will not be promoted if we do not go into the market and tell the people what we have. We have a lot of positives but we don’t share. What is being shared and what is being seen in the international media is the negatives but we need to be smarter in projecting our positive narration to the international media and market”

During the round table discussion at this year’s Investour, stakeholders agreed on issues bordering on seamless travel, open boarders and other issues aimed at changing the narrative of Africa.

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