UN Tourism boss chooses Portugal for first official trip

The new secretary general of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Zurab Pololikashvili, has chosen Portugal as the destination for his first official visit and praised the country as one “of the best cases” of development in the sector.

The agenda for this visit also includes “very interesting places, Mr Pololikashvili said such as Estoril, Alentejo and meetings with various authorities in this “marvelous country”.

He told reporters that Portugal’s experience is to be presented to other countries which are “very interested in developing new technologies and startups in the tourist sector.

Mr Pololikashvili added that as Portugal’s government has a “very clear and interesting” plan about how to diversify tourism throughout the country and motivate people who are part of the development and a great asset.

This first official visit by Mr Pololikashvili to a country is very important and “”recognition of the work and the investment” that has gone into tourism throughout the country and to spread the activity out over more of the year.

Credit: ThePortugalNews.com

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