US Ambassador Promotes Domestic Tourism with Upper East Visit

The US Ambassador to Ghana, H.E. Robert P. Jackson is embarking on a local tourism drive in the country.

The Ambassador was in the Upper East Region with his wife over the weekend where the visited some known attractions within the area including, the Paga Crocodile Pond and a craft market at Bolga.

The US Ambassador and his entourage being briefed by the site guide
Photo Credit: US Embassy Facebook Page
The US Embassy led by the Ambassador arriving at the site

A Facebook post by the US Embassy Ghana reads: “As part of efforts to highlight and promote Ghana’s tourism industry, Ambassador Jackson and his wife spent time at the Paga crocodile pond and later visited a craft market in Bolga. This visit forms part of his working tour of the Upper East Region.”

The tour is expected to complement Ghana’s domestic drive which is currently being spearheaded by the SeeEatWearFeel Ghana initiative by the Ghana Tourism Authority and other agencies under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

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