Labadi Beach Hotel’s Funky Fresh Returns on February 23

Unwinding and hanging out in Ghana’s capital has become an unattractive phenomenon in Accra for many visitors and patrons of the city.

The era where bustling hangout joints and dance floors at places like Oops, Vanity Club, Makumba, Boomerang, Aphrodisiac, Bus stop to name a few is fast gone and depriving revellers opportunity to freak out.

The above sums up a very dull nightlife, but Ghana’s premier 5-star hotel the Labadi Beach Hotel once again is offering its patrons and the people of Accra the opportunity to unwind in a quality way with its Funky Fresh Friday.

The Funky Fresh Friday jam which is held every quarter is an avenue created by the hotel for its cherished clients to unwind amidst networking in a quality way.

With the 70s, 80s & 90s rendition of funky music to dance to, DJ Isaac Cool as always, has a special collection of music that will get you into the groove.

Special cocktail sessions, beer and assorted wines and shots are available for selection.
The timing could not have been right with an after work quick dash home and just in time at 10pm to begin the last weekend of February in style.

Once again Labadi Suite will be transformed into a makeshift discotheque with bright lights and the right setting to provide patrons quality fun.

Join the Asa Baako Dance

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