Second Edition of VoyagesAfriq Travel Magazine out!

The second edition of VoyagesAfriq Travel Magazine has been unveiled. The latest edition of the travel and tourism magazine, like the inaugural one features a comprehensive compilation of industry information and trends from mainly the African continent and beyond. But even better with the second publication is the increase in the number of pages to sixty two (62) from the initial fifty two (52), a development which ensured a wider coverage of tourism and travel events from across the globe with focus on Africa.

The magazine opens with an editorial on attaining seamless travel in Africa where the predicates of Africa Union’s 2063 Agenda is espoused. #VAMag also features a special profile on Madagascar, beginning the quarterly’s editorial policy of highlighting the tourism products, offering and prospects of African countries in each edition.

This year’s United Nations World Tourism Organization ‘s (UNWTO) INVESTOUR in Madrid, Spain is extensively covered in the magazine. #VAMag also previews some of the top tourism trade events expected later within the year, including the World Travel Market Africa (WTM-Africa) in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Cover Page of the Magazine

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Stories on the continent’s aviation industry also feature prominently in the second edition. All that, coupled with exciting and insightful articles from highly respected personalities and prolific writers such as Claudine Moore, Alain Saint Ange and Prof. Wolfgang Thome, make #VAMag the perfect publication any industry player would want to read.

Exhibitors, participants and industry players attending next month’s International Tourism Bourse (ITB) in Berlin, Germany would have the opportunity of receiving hard copies of the magazine at the exhibition.

VoyagesAfriq Travel Magazine is published and produced by the VoyagesAfriq Media Limited, a Travel and Tourism Media Agency based in Accra, Ghana with correspondence offices in Abidjan, London, and Lille and is dedicated to promoting tourism in Africa to the rest of the world.

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