ATWAG inaugurated – Executives Inducted to drive tourism, arts and culture in Ghana

The newly-elected executives of the Arts and Tourism Writers Association of Ghana (ATWAG) have been inducted into office at a ceremony which also marked the inauguration of the association.

The induction effectively paves way for the executives who were elected into office last December. The new executives comprise the Managing Editor of the Daily Heritage Newspaper, William Asiedu was elected President, Francis Doku (Head of Digital Media at MG Group) as Vice President and Mic Yamoah of Flex newspaper as Secretary. The other inductees were Frank Owusu (Hitz FM) as Treasurer, Mustapha Nii Okai Inusah ( as Organiser. The rest are Citi Fm’s Kwame Dadzie and David Mawuli of

Also inducted into office at the ceremony were Sandra Ankobea and Makeba Boateng who have been co-opted onto the Executive Committee to perform special functions as Legal Officer and Women’s Commissioner, respectively.

In an interview with President William Asiedu stated that the association will not just focus on promoting arts and tourism but also fill the void within culture and chieftaincy reportage issue as well.

‘’We are interested in certain agenda and keeping the gate when it comes to arts and tourism issues in the country but beyond that, we also interested in chieftaincy and traditional affairs in the country. So our members are expected to do journalism work and research in those areas. Even when it comes to the culture of the country, the diverse cultures, we are not in there, we don’t know our culture because there is a huge confusion because of the innovations in new media, we are bombarded with all kinds of things so that is why we need a strong media in that space to keep the focus in terms of our culture,’’ the ace journalist stated.

In order to achieve this, ATWAG will commit to educating and building the capacity of its members. He believes “there is a lack in the system when it comes the youth and most of our members are young people so we are going to educate them, we will get professionals from educational institutions, traditional rulers and historians around who can actually open things to us. In the next four years, we expect that our members will be more educated, they’d appreciate the industry more, more empowered, more equipped, more focused and also know that besides the show, there is business, so they would also have to give direction to the players in the industry how they can invest their resources and time so that when they grow, they will not become liabilities on to themselves and on to society.’’

Photos of Inauguration of ATWAG Executives

Mr. Asiedu who was a long time judge on the Miss Malaika Pageant indicated that the association will embark on a membership drive to spread their tentacles to every nook and cranny of the country to take their presence beyond Accra.
The Arts and Tourism Writers Association of Ghana (ATWAG) is an association of Ghanaian arts writers/journalists and media workers. ATWAG seeks to promote arts, tourism and culture reporting in Ghana while developing the professional capacity and the welfare of its members.

Part of its goals is to also to ensure that arts and tourism writers are given the needed recognition and due respect among their colleagues journalists. ATWAG is also aimed at promoting co-operation and collaboration among its members and players in the arts, tourism and culture value chain.

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