Saint Ange Tourism Report 12th Edition Out!

The Editorial this week addresses the ITB tourism trade fair in Germany and the new landing fee proposed by President Danny Faure on all visitors landing on the Islands of Praslin and La Digue in Seychelles. We also discuss the Best Tourism Minister of the year (Jamaica) named at ITB 2018, and Daniela Wagner of Jacobs Media Group being among the four women recognised at this year's "Celebrating Her Award" at ITB.

We end the editorial again with a call for a referendum on the Assumption Military Base saga in a bid to ensure the People of Seychelles have their say. Stand Alone articles cover:- 1. ITB 2018 with mentions of UNWTO - PATA - ZIMBABWE - WORLD TOURISM FORUM - MAURITIUS - DANIELA WAGNER - VOYAGESAFRIQ - SEYCHELLES. 2. Diego Rose Cardon will ski Praslin to Mahe to raise funds for Cancer Treatment. 3. UK High Commissioner at the Indian Ocean Commission HQ. 4. Celebrating momentous numbers in 2018 at Nature Seychelles. 5. James Michel endorses MAPS. 6. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport named Best Improved African Airport. 7. A top tennis tournament in Africa one day? 8. #SaveAldabra - Referendum needed on Assumption Island proposed military base. 9. International Newswires continue to republish our report.

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