All Set For 2018 Okwahu Paragliding Festival At Kwahu, Atibie.

The Ghana Tourism Authority will be organizing the 2018 Paragliding Festival from Friday, 30th March to Monday 2nd April, 2018 on Mount Odweanoma at Atibie – Kwahu in the Eastern Region.

The Festival which is the thirteenth (13th) in the series and is being organised under the aegis of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture is under the theme: “YOU TOO CAN FLY”, with inspiration drawn from two physically challenged persons, a blind man from Ghana and a deaf and dumb lady from Germany, who flew to the amazement of all at the 2017 edition of the festival.

The Paragliding Festival which is one of the flagship events on the tourism calendar is organised to coincide with the Easter festivities, and draws domestic and international tourist to the Kwahu area.

The take- off area at the Odweanoma Mountain in Kwahu – Atibie has been expanded to accommodate four (4) flights at ago instead of one (1) flight previously done, and pavilions have been provided for the comfort of patrons. The refurbished area will be opened on Thursday, 29th March, 2018.

The festival plays a vital role in boosting domestic tourism thereby creating opportunities for job creation such as the selling of artifacts by the local residents. Moreover, facilities like home lodges, drinking bars, traditional catering units and transportation service among others, will also generate revenue to boost the local economy.

Ten (10) paragliding tandem pilots from the USA, Germany, Japan, Peru and Romania will fly passengers during the festival. The rate for a flight is two hundred and fifty Ghana cedis (GH¢ 250) only.

Other activities lined up for the event include health walk, fun games, and, indoor games. There will also be live music to entertain patrons and sale of food, and souvenir, and tour packages.

Major stakeholders such as the Meteorological Services Department, the Red Cross Society, the Ghana Ambulance Services, the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, the Ghana Immigration Service, the Ghana Police Service and the Ghana Armed Forces are each playing a specific role to ensure a successful festival.

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