#Ghana: New GHATOF Executives pledge to revamp body

The newly inaugurated executives of the Ghana Tourism Federation (GHATOF) are promising a paradigm shift in their activities toward pushing the country’s tourism agenda.

The new leadership believes a new strategy needs to be adopted to enhance the Federation of being the representative body of the private sector tourism traders and practitioners. The executives were sworn-in yesterday at their inauguration at the Coconut Grove Regency Hotel in Accra.

The new President of GHATOF, Madam Bella Ahu said her administration would commit to finding new and innovative ways of making the Federation relevant while building on the successes chalked by the previous administration. She said the Federation would engage members, solicit their ideas and inputs in building a strong and formidable body that will drive tourism in the country.

She also added that they will work closely with government and all stakeholders in the tourism industry to ensure that Ghana improves on tourism offering in order to attract more tourists and to increase its revenue generation for the country.

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Training, information sharing and a renewed sense of good and excellent service delivery are some of the things the new executives are hoping to champion under their tenure. They however are requesting that government allots parts of the one percent (1%) Tourism Levy in a form of a percentage to help them run the Federation and its activities as they are usually constrained by financial needs.

The new three-man executives who were elected last month would serve a two-year term after which they will be eligible for reelection. They include Bella Ahu, CEO of Trafix Restaurant – President, Joe Wilson Tetteh, Vice President of the Chefs Association of Ghana, Vice President and Nana Opei IV of the Ghana Progressive Hotels Association as Treasurer.

The Ghana Tourism Federation is the highest organization established to champion the cause of the private sector in Ghana’s tourism industry. Membership of GHATOF, known as the Governing Council, is comprised of the Presidents of the various trade associations engaged either directly or indirectly in the tourism industry and meets regularly to discuss issues confronting the tourism industry and to consider possible ways of addressing such issues.

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