Women Inspire Change at #RougeTalks

As part of activities to mark women's month, Roots Hospitality, which comprises Roots Apartment Hotel and Urbano Hotel held a thrilling cocktail event for distinguished women.

The event, Rouge Talks assembled women from different backgrounds who shared their experiences, challenges and successes on a more nuanced and personal level.

The event kicked off with a presentation from Dzigbordi Dosoo who emphasized the need for women to share their stories as a means of encouraging others to give off their best. She highlighted the relevance of vulnerability which in her view is crucial to discovering and utilising one's potential.

Abena Asomaning of the Angel-Zoe Foundation shared her experiences of reaching out to prison inmates to help with their rehabilitation and proper re-integration into the society following their discharge from prison.

RougeTalks in Pictures

Legal Practitioner, Sarah Adetola who was also one of the guest speakers shared her experience as head of Fair Justice Initiative, an NGO which gives legal and financial support to women in prison.

Experience Manager, Fatima Alban who was delighted with the turn of events and success of the programme said the programme lived up to expectation. "Rouge Talk was a celebration of women's month and we did it because there are women in the society that are neglected and they deserve to know they are celebrated.

“This networking event turned out to be a marvelously warm event of women sharing stories and experiences. It is such a joy to have so much love on one platform and we just thank everybody. Rouge Talks is going to be a permanent event to make Ghana a better place, Madam Alban added.

The programme also offered an opportunity for people to network and form new relationships. There were on display, artworks by some of the beneficiaries of the NGOs who were present at the event.

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