Kaya Tours thrill patrons with #Akosombo Magical Trip

Kaya Tours Ghana, a leading destination marketing company (DMC) in Ghana has organized a two-day experiential trip for patrons to Akosombo in the eastern region of Ghana.

The Akosombo Magical trip is part of Kaya Tours’ overall objective to promote and market Ghana’s unique and amazing tourism products to its domestic and overseas clients.

The twenty-six participants from Ghana, United Kingdom, Jaimaica and Espana began the trip with hiking and adventure activities at the Shai Hills resource reserve. The reserve has over 506 Antelopes of different species four different gangs of Monkeys and Baboons.

The trip would also expose the participants to the cuisines from the Akosombo area.

Water sport activities like jet skiing, kayaking and boat cruises will wrap up the exciting trip at the Afrikiko resort.

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