Accra City Hotel launches initiative to promote environmental sustainability

Accra City Hotel, Ghana’s leading 4-Star hotel is embarking on an initiative that will see the property cut down on waste, energy and adopt best practices in managing waste in a bid to promote sustainability.

The hotel began its sustainability journey in 2016, soon after the company was rebranded following its departure from the Accor Hotel Group. Having been in operations for almost three decades, the hotel “realized our system of operation needed a facelift in line with the advent of the Sustainable Development Goals and a fast “greening” hospitality industry,” said Jeffrey Martin Ashiamah, the hotel’s ISO Coordinator.

Management therefore set an ambitious target to implement an integrated management system of ISO 1400:2015 and ISO 22000:2005, making Accra City Hotel the first to be certified in Ghana and West Africa. It also began the implementation of an Environmental Management System which they believe “would allow us satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers by providing services and products to agrees specifications outlined in Requests For Proposals (RFPs) which demand sustainability reporting.”

A year after their certification, Mr. Ashiamah says the hotel’s overall organizational efficiency has improved which has resulted in them notching a lot of awards, including the Green Hotel of the Year at this year’s Ghana Hotels Awards.

Some of the key initiatives that the hotel has undertaken to improve its sustainability include installation of light motion sensors in all offices and guest washrooms to regulate consumption of electricity when these areas are unoccupied.

The hotel separate waste into categories, including plastic, food, metal, cooking oil, emulsion oil, battery, printer toner , glass, landfill amongst others.

“We have purchased a waste compactor which will reduce the volume of our waste by a third, including our waste disposal cost”, Ashiamah adds that in the Guest Room Directory for example, guests are advised to minimize electricity consumption by switching off their television, air conditioning and lights when they are not in their rooms with light in the guestrooms are controlled by keycards.

With all these measures in place the hotel hopes to improve upon cutting down their expenditure on utilities as it reduces consumption. As part of Accra City’s Environmental Management System Objectives, the hotel set a target to reduce our water consumption by 10% in 2017 using 2016 as the base year.

It exceeded that target by achieving a 17% reduction in water usage in 2017 compared to the previous year. This, the hotel says, saved them about $35,640 on water bill alone.

Moving forward, the hotel will integrate modern sustainable technology in subsequent developments beginning with the ongoing construction project to expand its conference facilities, build a new kitchen and renovation of the swimming pool.

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