Ghana: HOTCATT reopens with a renewed commitment to training industry professionals

Ghana’s Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, yesterday reopened the revamped Hotel, Catering and Tourism Training Institute, HOTCATT.

The facility which was established some 27 years ago went into hibernation a few years back, creating a huge gap in the training of hospitality professionals to feed Ghana’s burgeoning hospitality and tourism industry.

The reopening of the institute is envisioned to become the chosen leading professional skills training institute on the African continent. The institution will provide students with the capacity building experience which will in turn equip them with the necessary skills within the tourism, hospitality and catering industries.

At the reopening in Accra yesterday, Tourism Minister Catherine Afeku said the deplorable state in which HOTCATT necessitated a refurbishment to bring it up to standard with what exists elsewhere.

“Over the years, this institution has had its fair share of misery, disappointment, and no budgetary allocation, lack of support and lack of direction. The focus on skills development in the hospitality industry took a back burner for a while. Major Directors with passion and love for the industry got very frustrated.

When H. E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and the NPP took over, myself and my able Deputy in the vetting process brought to life a manifesto pledge to have a state-of-the-art hospitality training institute in Ghana. Today, you are witnessing a tip of the iceberg of that manifesto pledge,” she said.
She added that the Ministry intends to establish similar training centres nationwide, with plans underway to set up centres in the Eastern, Western and Volta regions.

Chief Executive Officer of HOTCATT, Jenny Adade praised the Tourism Minister for her dedication and unwavering support to the reconstruction of the institute.
The renovated hospitality training institute features a career development facility, industry recruitment office and training rooms for practice. In the coming months, HOTCATT will undergo a rebranding process which will see "HOTCATT" changed.

The reopening of the institute brought together a host of both public and private officials, including the governing board of HOTCATT, led by its chair, who is also the Deputy Tourism Minister, Dr. Ziblim Barri Iddi, Ato Panford (MP) who represented the Minister of Education, Mustapha Hameed, Minister of Information who said the reopening of the institution will bring sanity into the hospitality industry.

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