Ghana: Consistent tourism levy payers to enjoy discounted training at HOTCATT

Established hospitality facilities and businesses such as hotels, which are religious in paying the mandatory 1% Tourism Levy are to enjoy a discount when they enroll their staff at the refurbished Hotel, Catering and Tourism Training Institute (HOTCATT).

That is according to the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Catherine Afeku, who mentioned at the reopening of HOTCATT that the gesture is to incentivize defaulters of the levy to pay while motivating consistency among those who have been regular contributors.

“All people in the industry, especially those registered with the Ghana Tourism Authority; pay a 1% levy in support of marketing and promotion of the country as a tourism destination. But often times, we neglect the human resource, the skills and capacity of the people in the industry. So we have had deliberations with established hoteliers, and industry players that they’d want to see some kind of benefits in the levy they pay and it is in the training of their staff.

“So we are making it official that those who are established and paying the levy, can bring their staff for refresher courses, and there will be a discount because they are levy payers. It is an incentive for those who are not paying to come on board and help mother Ghana and by extension train our workforce to deliver excellent customer service,” the Minister stressed.

The 1% Tourism Levy is charged on tourism related services such as hotel services, restaurants, car rentals, night clubs, drinking bars, local eateries among others. The contributions are made into the Tourism Development Fund to finance tourism related activities, including marketing and promotion, training and capacity building, etc.

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