Labadi Beach Hotel brings World Cup finals' vibe to patrons

Labadi Beach Hotel yesterday, hosted their cherished guests and lovers of football to a thrilling World Cup final, which saw France beat Croatia to clinch the trophy.

With delicious food, drinks and cocktails available fans munched and dined the finals of the mundial away amidst all the drama and excitement.

Acting General Manager Patrick Serakwane expressed his delight at being able to excite the fans.
“The feeling has been a good combination of energy, good and caring people around and everyone had fun and the feeling has been awesome.”

Sales Manager, George Ayisi was happy Labadi Beach Hotel was able to give patrons an opportunity to experience the World Cup in an atmosphere that felt as though one was at the stadium.

“In the past one month, we’ve experienced some quality football, and some surprise and here at Labadi, we’ve had some wonderful time together with all our patrons who came to the Lagoon Bar which was converted to a sports’ bar. All the games were watched here and people enjoyed with a lot of food and drinks and the atmosphere has been very wonderful.”

Mr. Ayisi added that the Lagoon Bar would soon be expanded to accommodate more patrons as they plan to host them for upcoming tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League, the Qualifiers for the African Cup, the English Premier League and others.

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