Organisers extend nominations for first Africa Tourism Leadership Awards

Organisers of the inaugural Africa Tourism Leadership Awards (ATLA) have extended nominations for the ceremony.
Nominations were originally supposed to close on July 31, 2018, but in a tweet, conveners, Africa Tourism Partners said nominations are still open until August 6. The extension is to allow for more stakeholder inputs as to who wins what at the event which aims at recognizing game-changers in the Africa tourism space.

The awards’ categories include, Women in Leadership Award, Leading in Progressive Policies’ Award, Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award and Most Innovative Business Tourism Destination Award.

The rest are Outstanding Accommodation Facility/Group Award, Championing Sustainability Award, Outstanding Tourism Transportation Award, Outstanding Africa Tourism Media Award and Destination Africa – Lifetime Award.

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ATLA is one of the main side-events for the upcoming Africa Tourism Leadership Forum (ATLF) in Accra, Ghana on August 30 - 31, 2018.

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