Uganda Tourism Board undergoes restructuring

The Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) has began a restructuring drive to fill in what the management says are gaps needed to drive Uganda’s tourism to greater positions and make the Pearl of Africa a global destination.

There at least 25 vacancies that had been advertised by the board. Among them are the Marketing Manager, Manager legal and corporate affairs, quality assurance manager, finance, planning manager, human resources and administration manager.

Others were senior internal auditor, senior public relations, procurement, marketing officers, senior accountant, executive assistant to the CEO, legal office, product development and investment officer, marketing officers, planning officer, classification and registration officer, licensing and inspection officer, research, monitoring and evaluation officer, assistant accountant, administrative assistant, office assistant and drivers.

The Executive Director of the Uganda Tourism Board Stephen Asiimwe said that restructuring was a result of a massive restriction exercise the board sanctioned a few months ago and that they first started with internal recruitment which ended in July.

“As UTB we first did internal recruitments and those who qualified were absorbed while those who did not were asked to leave. The positions we advertised externally did not attract the best candidates internally, that’s why we had to advertise,” said Asimwe.

He added that the whole tourism sector in Uganda needs capacity building to remain competitive so that the country can remain one of the preferred global destination.

The tourism sector has over the years become the biggest source of foreign currency to the government last year the tourism sector had about 1.4 million arrivals bringing in 1.4 billion which contributes 10 percent of the country’s GDP.

Un like the above performance which is attributed to the international marketing firms the country hired, the Uganda Tourism Board has times and again faced criticism, particularly from the tourism fraternity over incompetent staff who have failed to drive the sector forward.

More events on the subject above are still unveiling.

Story by Pamela Amia

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