Zimbabwe remains a safe destination-ZTA

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) has assured tourists that despite the post-election protests witnessed on the 1st of August in Harare, all the country’s destinations remain safe for travel.

In a communiqué released recently on the state of the tourism industry, ZTA Chief Executive Mr Karikoga Kaseke assured domestic and international tourists that the country remains safe destination for any travel.

Employers Association for Tour and Safari Operators president Mr Clement Mukwasi said the industry is excited about the peaceful environment which characterised the election season and highlighted the need to maintain the tranquillity in order to sustain the current rebound.

“We should maintain the peaceful environment as you know the tourism sector thrives under a tranquil environment,” he said.

The ZTA said it regrets the loss of lives during the disturbances and stressed that it does not condone any form of violence as tourism thrives in a peaceful environment.

Zimbabwe is confident of increasing the tourism sector’s contribution the gross domestic product (gdp) from the current 11 percent to the at least 20 percent in the medium term.

The country registered 2.4 million tourists’ arrivals and is bullish of realising its 2018 target of 2.5 million tourists’ arrivals.

Source: Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation

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