Kenyan coastal counties collaborate on tourism campaign

The Governors of Mombasa and Kilifi, Hassan Joho and Amason Kingi, have signed a partnership agreeing to combine efforts to promote tourism in the two Kenyan coastal counties.

The two men met with Tourism Cabinet Secretary, Najib Balala at his offices in Nairobi on Wednesday, August 8, where they discussed a digital marketing campaign to boost earnings for the region. Balala said the move would be supported by the Ministry. “Mombasa and Kilifi are the bedrock of tourism, not just at the coast but in Kenya as a whole. That is why we have agreed that, going forward, the governors will jointly develop strategies to market their tourist attractions.”

The three men also discussed the possibility of campaigning as a joint region to host large events. Balala said Mombasa was readying itself for the 79th Skål Congress, set to take place in October.

He also announced plans to launch the Mombasa Regeneration Programme in September to ensure the coastal city regained its “lustre and glory”. Balala is also set to visit Kilifi next week to view the annual migration of humpback whales up the coast. He said on Twitter: “I have agreed with Governor Kingi that I will visit Kilifi next week where I will share both the National Tourism Blueprint 2030 and the National Wildlife Strategy 2030, both of which are relevant to the country.”

Source: TourismUpdate

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