#ATLF2018: Intra-Africa Travel Dialogue on the Agenda

For long, the growth in intra-Africa travel have been restricted by restricted visa policies and limited air access across the continent. These have hindered growth in continental tourist arrivals, receipts, trade, investments and ultimately sustainable tourism development. Even though many African countries are making improvements on a national level, nonetheless these improvements have to be elevated at the continental level to boost private sector investment and support. Therefore, leadership dialogues at the upcoming Africa Tourism Leadership Forum and Awards (ATLF) - www.tourismleadershipforum.africa aims to inspire private - public leadership to renew their commitment to jointly explore remedial actions to boost investment for transformative and inclusive travel and tourism growth across Africa.

Speaking on the margins of the Africa Travel Indaba Conference held in Durban in May this year, South Africa Tourism Minister, Honourable Derek Hanekom indicated, “To connect to some African countries, one has to fly to Europe. African nations should not just count on the visa changes to increase intra-Africa travel. Rather, they should resolve to open up their skies to allow direct flights which will in turn boost trade and tourism,”. He highlighted. Given the Minister’s observation, it is imperative that he Forum is optimized to explore solutions to alleviate these challenges.

ATLF will not only be lifetime opportunity for delegates to benefit from unique professional career development, networking and gain more insights on sustainable travel and tourism practice, but also to learn from the work of change-makers who have demonstrated leadership and pioneered innovation in sustainable tourism development across the continent.

With sidelines sessions such as the Business and Leisure Tourism Masterclass, CEO and Executive Breakfast function and Africa Tourism Leadership Awards, speakers at the Fourm including IATA’s and NEPAD will share insights on Intra-Africa Travel, Thought Leadership in Tourism Development, Progressive Policy-making, Quality Standard Improvements in Hotels and Hospitality sector, Product Development in Events, Leisure and Business Tourism, Digitalization in Tourism Marketing, Diversifying African Economies through Tourism Development and Private-Public Partnership for Infrastructure development.


The host institution, Ghana Tourism Authority and strategic partners including Grant Thornton, NEPAD, University of Brighton, Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda and AviaDev believe the Forum will help advance advocacy for measures to alleviate bottlenecks in Intra-Africa Travel.

To attend, please register at: www.tourismleadershipforum.africa and access provisional programme. For further information, contact Ms. Tes Proos at: info@africatourismpartners.com or call on +27 (084) 682 7676 or +27 (011) 037 0332.

About Africa Tourism Leadership Forum
The Africa Tourism Leadership Forum (ATLF) is a Pan-African dialogue platform that brings together key stakeholders from Africa’s travel, tourism, hospitality and aviation sectors. It aims to provide continental platform for networking, sharing insights and devising strategies for sustainable travel and tourism development across the continent. It also focuses on enhancement of Africa’s brand equity. It is the first of its kind and will promote tourism as a major sustainable development pillar. Register at: www.tourismleadershipforum.africa to attend and for Awards’ nomination forms.

The Forum is being hosted by the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) under the auspices of the Ghana Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, the event will take place on 30 and 31 August, 2018 at the Accra International Convention Centre, Ghana.

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