Saint Ange Tourism Report highlights the Seychelles visibility campaign

The Editorial this week highlights:- a. Muthuvelan Karunanidhi, the Political Icon in Tamil Nadu will always be remembered. b. Respect for culture in Seychelles will again see the 15th August Feast of the Assumption of La Digue Island celebrated by one and all. c. Fruit Bats: A delicacy that is raising some concern. d. Operational Costs must be revisited. e. Seychelles Visibility Campaign. Stand alone articles this week:- 1. Titans of South Africa Visit Seychelles. 2. Duty of Care is a tourism destination's responsibility . 3. Seychelles Tourism Trade now find a place to meet informally. 4. Arabian Buffet at Avani Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa impresses diners. 5. Best beaches in the Seychelles according to CNN Travel . 6. Strong Universal Network SUN x confirms Advisory Council. 7. Vanilla "celebration" in Reunion .8. UK travellers boost tourism figures in Maldives. 9. Spotlight On Africa & Indian Ocean islands Roadshow. 10. Female and traveling? Why you will feel safe in Guam. 11. Ethiopian Airlines unfolds tourism packages and moves to support Ethiopia.

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