Alain St. Ange releases his first newsletter as he puts UNWTO saga behind him

Mr St Ange at the conference venue in Madrid, Spain

Alain St.Ange was the former Seychelles Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine. He resigned from his Ministerial position in December 2016 to run for the position of Secretary General of the UNWTO but his candidacy was abruptly pulled out of the race by the Seychelles Government only two days before the elections following demands, if not outright blackmail by the African Union. The letter issued by the African Union threatened serious economic sanctions on the islands if they did not revoke their candidacy for the prestigious role of Secretary General.

“A decision of the African Union that is against all basic human rights and the sovereignty of the island state,” said St.Ange who was humiliated at the peak of his tourism career following this unexpected turn of events.

Vice President Vincent Meriton of Seychelles called Alain St.Ange, who was already in Madrid for the UNWTO elections with his friends and family, to inform him that Seychelles had bowed to the pressure of the African Union. It is today clear that the authenticity of the infamous letter is questionable, and steps are being taken to investigate this matter.

“Africa cannot progress with such a dictatorial attitude, and the World Institutions cannot condone such draconian actions,” Alain St.Ange said as he left Madrid empty-handed to return to Seychelles on 14th May.
Not one to be easily deterred, Alain St.Ange has now registered his own Tourism Consultancy Business offering PR and visibility to tourism organisations and destinations, as well as his vast expertise in the development of tourism.

His Saint Ange Tourism Report will be weekly and will touch the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands, the countries surrounding the Indian Ocean, and global tourism matters as and when necessary.
The Report will be shared with the Business Community in Seychelles, to the tourism professionals from around the world, and it will be picked up by important news agencies which will ensure a very wide global distribution.
Welcome to Issue #1

Click the link here to view the full edition Saint Ange Tourism Report