Passenger jet skids off runway and comes perilously close to plummeting into sea in Turkey

Terrifying: Dramatic images show the plane hanging off the edge of a cliff after it skidded off the runway (AFP/Getty Images)

A passenger jet carrying more than 150 people came perilously close to plunging into the sea after it skidded off an icy runway after landing at a Turkish airport.

The 162 people on board the plane had a lucky escape when the wheels of the Pegasus Airlines flight dug into the mud at Trabzon Airport, leaving it dangling off a cliff.

Officials said all passengers and crew on board were evacuated and safe on Sunday, and that the airport was closed while the incident was dealt with.

No injuries were reported.

Dramatic images of the Boeing 737-800 flight, which departed from the Turkish capital Ankara late on Saturday, show the plane stuck in the mud as its nose points down towards the ocean.

Others show emergency services surrounding the aircraft as the evacuation is carried out.

A crisis desk was reportedly set up at the airport after a number of flights were cancelled amid the chaotic scenes.

Services have now resumed in and out of Trabzon.

Source: London Evening Standard