Carlson Rezidor Is Rebranding Itself as Radisson Hotel Group

Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group has changed its name to Radisson Hotel Group, and that’s not the only big change the company is making this year.

In addition to the name change, which is being reported here in the press for the first time, but took place in November 2017 according to a company spokesperson, the company is also embarking on a comprehensive five-year strategic plan which includes reinvestment in its five brands; a pruning of at least 10 percent of its underperforming Americas-based Radisson hotels; layoffs at Carlson; and a focus on organic growth.

The name change to Radisson Hotel Group is noted in Rezidor’s most recent investor day presentation, which was released on January 17. The primary reason for using Radisson in the new company name, the document noted, “leverages the wide awareness of the Radisson brand name globally.”

A clue to the new corporate brand name was revealed when the company announced that the Country Inn & Suites by Carlson brand was changing to Country Inn & Suites by Radisson last month.

The same presentation also outlines Radisson Hotel Group’s five-year plan for becoming “one of the top three hotel companies in the world.”

Makarand Mody, assistant professor of hospitality marketing at the Boston University School of Hospitality Administration, said this new direction, strategy, and corporate name were much needed, especially since “the company does not have an overarching customer-facing parent brand that can draw equity from the individual brands, like the Marriott or Hilton.”

He added, “Radisson is definitely the strongest brand equity component in the portfolio so it does make sense to put it front and center. I think building the brand equity inside out from the Radisson identity will serve the company well.”

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