World Cup fans warned against sharks on Brazilian beaches

World Cup fans who have gathered in Brazil to watch the grand tournament are warned against deadly sharks. Visitors going on the white beaches for swims may be attacked by the deadliest sharks. Warning signs in both English and Portuguese and newly built watchtowers and lifeguards are keeping close watch on the bay to rescue bathers in case such mishaps take place.

Shark attacks and an above-average number of fatalities are famous on the Boa Viagem beach. The local authorities are extra vigilant to avoid any such incident during the World Cup. The state of Pernambuco’s 20 km beach has a high concentration of sharks. 59 incidents over 21 years have been reported in this stretch alone. The region is polluted by bull and tiger sharks that come to eat the jetsam brought by two local rivers.

Last year an eighteen year old local boy was killed by shark attack. Often people are unaware of the hidden dangers in the sea and therefore authorities are taking special precautions. Rainy season offers the greatest risk of shark attack.

People have been warned against swimming in unprotected areas or open shore. They are advised to swim in areas of low tide. Swimmers should not swim alone and stay in groups and not to spend too much time in the water. Don’t go in the water if you’re bleeding, as it attracts sharks.

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