#Zimbabwe Civil Aviation puts Air Zimbabwe back on airport tax credit status

The Zimbabwe Civil Aviation Authority, after years of collecting airport taxes directly from Air Zimbabwe passengers due to the financial problems the national airline went through, has now given notice that effective 01st of February this method will change.

As per the attached notice shown below will all Air Zimbabwe passengers, with tickets issued on or after the 01st of February, be treated like passengers of all other airlines, having the departure tax included in their ticket.

The move comes after the reassurance of the new Zimbabwe government that the national airline will get a capital injection to help solve the chronic shortage of funds, besides a commitment by the new President that the government will procure new aircraft for the carrier.

At the same time has ZCAA acknowledged the need to refurbish and modernize airports in order to promote domestic air transport while actively lobbying African and International airlines to return to Zimbabwe to boost connectivity and spur tourism growth – the latter an economic priority area of the new government.

Credit: ATC News

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