Aviation’s role in rebuilding tourism in Africa

Aviation is perhaps the engine room of the entire tourism sector. By its basic definition of tourism means the two can only be bedfellows. The World Tourism Organisation, United Nation’s agency responsible for the promotion of sustainable tourism defines tourism as a social, cultural, and economic phenomenon that entails the movement of people to countries or places outside their usual environment for personal or business/professional purposes.


Over 50% of all international tourists arrive at their destination by air (UNWTO) The underlined word is a movement of which “Air Transport” constitutes a large percentage on the mode of transport and thus helps ferry people from their origins to destinations and Vice Versa.


It has become the fastest and constitutes the larger part of the mode of transport towards tourism.


It’s imperative to note that, not only is it a crucial component in driving tourism but major economies rely on aviation to fuel their national trade.


In advanced economies even as the fastest and safest mode of transport, it is not necessarily the first option when it comes to travels, but its crucial time factor ranks its top among the other options.

Inadequate infrastructure or in most cases a lack of infrastructure through other modes of transport I.e trains have made air transport a major player in delivering tourism to the people.

It has connected millions of people on the continent and continues to shape tourism development in Africa.

Joining me to discuss in detail are Amanda Mvinjelwa a Key Account Manager- Airlines & Government Agencies at the Cape Town International Airport, Kwakye Donkor Is a strategic international tourism Marketing consultant and CEO of Africa Tourism Partners based in South Africa.

Dr. Carmen Nibigira, a Tourism Policy Analyst with will complete my Panel to understand the role aviation can play to shape Africa’s tourism recovery.

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