Ethiopian, 3 other airlines cleared to fly to Seychelles from August 1

As the Seychelles Islands inch closer to welcoming tourists to the archipelago islands, the country’s flag carrier Air Seychelles and 3 other major carriers have been sanctioned by the Aviation Authorities to begin passenger air service from August 1.

Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates Airline, and Etihad Airways have confirmed the start of the flight to the island from next month.

Ethiopian Airlines is expected to start twice a week flight as is Etihad Airways.

The Seychelles News Agency last week reported that Etihad Airways and Ethiopian will be starting a bi-weekly service to Mahe.

“Etihad Airways will be doing two flights per week -- on Mondays and Fridays. Ethiopian Airlines will also make two flights a week. Both these two airlines will resume their Seychelles operations when the country re-opens its borders," said Loustau-Lalanne.

He added that Swiss airline Edelweiss has expressed its intentions to fly to Seychelles as of September this year.

The Seychelles' national carrier, Air Seychelles, will be flying to Dubai twice a week also starting from August 1.

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