Ethiopian Airlines gives details of cargo fire incident

Africa’s largest Airline Group, Ethiopian Airlines has released a statement chronicling what led to the fire incident of one of its cargo planes at the Shanghai Pudong Airport in China.

The Airline confirmed the safety of its crew members on the ET-ARH B777

Even though the airline concede that proper investigation has been initiated by Authorities in the countries of occurrence and registration, it went further to give preliminary details of what precipitated the accident.

''Although the proper investigation has been started by the country of occurrence and the country of registration and operation, preliminary information revealed that the final preparation for taxi out, the fire was detected in the main deck. The crew reported to ATC and the handling company and asked for help as per the procedure. Meanwhile, the fire spread in the cabin until the handling company and the airport emergency unit arrived at the scene of the incident. The fire damaged the upper structure of the aircraft before it was brought under control by the airport emergency services'' the statement said

The aircraft B700-200F with registration ET-ARH B777 was originally dedicated cargo aircraft acquired by Ethiopian Airlines brand new from Boeing in October 2014.

Ethiopian confirms the aircraft had a clean maintenance log book since previous flights.

A team of experts has been dispatched from Addis Ababa to assist in investigating the cause of the accident.

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