Ghana Tourism Federation initiates process for selecting Tourism Ambassadors

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the tourism industry in Ghana as well as globally, stakeholders must look for creative ways of ensuring that the industry gets back on its feet.

The Ghana Tourism Federation took the lead when it officially signed a memorandum of understanding with Gek Media Communication to adopt the TV tourism marketing concept “Adventure Ghana Reality TV show” as the model for selecting tourism ambassadors to promote the federation’s agenda for responsible and sustainable tourism development in Ghana.
Madam Bella Ahu, president of the Ghana Tourism Federation believes tourism marketing must now be done consciously to include messages that assure tourists of a safe haven and treats never experienced before, she also gave strong assurances on safety issues bothering on COVID-19 infection Africa.

She emphasized that Ghana and Africa had done pretty well in containing the virus considering protocols put in place to negate the pandemic by governments in Africa.

Madam Bella said African countries must take advantage of the fact that the continent had stronger resilience and better records in terms of managing the pandemic, the continent recorded low deaths meaning people are safer in Africa than anywhere else in the world, a message that must be communicated well to get the tourism industry in Africa bubbling once travelling restrictions are eased.

It would be recalled the president his Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo announced Ghana’s readiness to open her airport, she believes good measures will be in place to ensure travelers and tourist alike have the confidence to travel to Ghana and be safe.

Mr. George Egah, project manager of the TV series also gave insights into what individuals who win the reality TV show are to expect, the prize for the emerging winner of the TV show which would be held annually are an amount of GHC 10, 000, a car and appointment as the Ghana Tourism Federation Ambassador for a year.

He also stated there are four-point objectives and goals to be pursued by individuals who emerge winners from the TV show and are given an appointment as Tourism ambassadors.

Mr. George Egah stated that the race for who gets the opportunity to become the federation tourism’s ambassadors will be keenly contested, commenting on the memorandum of understanding he said it was a step in the right direction as ambassadors under the auspices of the Ghana Tourism Federation will be tasked to offer workable solutions to tackle industry challenges.

He expressed a lot of confidence in the objectives and goals that have been put together for ambassadors to pursue.
The maiden edition of the project was produced and aired on GH One TV in 2018, it was awarded the tourism event of the year by the office of the Ghana Tourism Authority Volta Region.

The second edition of the TV show has been launched to find the first Ghana Tourism Federation Ambassador; producers of the show are looking for individuals with the ability to lead good initiatives, take advantage of funding
opportunities and create an enabling environment for the development of the tourism and hospitality industry in Ghana.

To compete for the opportunity to become the first Ghana Tourism Federation Ambassador, follow the link below to register for the second edition of the Adventure Ghana TV obstacle course series
The project is also partnered by Let’s do it Ghana – A clean Ghana Initiative, the Ghana Chamber of Content Producers – An organization that supports & advocates to ensure contents from Ghana meet international standards and Ascent Africa - An organization that organizes obstacle courses in Ghana and Africa.

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