UNWTO 112th Executive Council Meeting ongoing in Tbilisi

Photo Credit: Anita Mendiratta's post on twitter

Georgia's beautiful capital city of Tbilisi is hosting the World Tourism Organization(UNWTO)'s 112th Executive Council Meeting. The two-day council meeting (15-17 September) was originally scheduled to come off from the 10-12 June 2020 but had to be postponed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The meeting is to be conducted in person and by virtual with procedures established by the UN Tourism body for members and accredited observers. Official reasons by UNWTO can be read here

Read the Full Agenda of the session here

UNWTO Executive Council
The Executive Council represents the Organization’s governing body, responsible for ensuring the ‎Organization’s compliance with its programme of work. The Executive Council meets at least twice a year and is ‎composed by 33 members elected by the General Assembly in a ratio of one for every ‎five Full Members. As host country of UNWTO's Headquarters, Spain has a permanent ‎seat on the Council. Representatives of the Associate Members and Affiliate ‎Members participate in Executive Council meetings as observers.

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