TourismRestart: South Africa announces reopening of Borders from October 1

South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced that the country will reopen its borders to international passenger air traffic from October 1.

In his latest broadcast to the nation, the head of state said, South Africa, is ready to move to the next stage in its management of the coronavirus pandemic. He added that the rainbow nation is officially moved to stage 1 of the adjusted national strategy.

:'' With the move to alert level 1, we will gradually and cautiously ease restrictions on international travel. We will be allowing travel into and out of South Africa for business, leisure and other travel with effect from 1 October 2020.'' President Ramaphosa said.

Travel may be restricted to and from certain countries that have high infection rates. A list of countries will be published based on the latest scientific data.

Travellers will only be able to use one of the land border posts that have remained operational during the lockdown or one of the three main airports: King Shaka, OR Tambo and Cape Town International Airport.

On arrival, travellers will need to present a negative COVID-19 test result not older than 72 hours from time of departure.

Where a traveller has not done a COVID-19 test prior to departure, they will be required to remain in mandatory quarantine at their own cost.

- All travellers will be screened on arrival and those presenting with symptoms will be required to remain in quarantine until a repeat COVID-19 test is conducted.

- All travellers will be asked to install the COVID Alert, South Africa, mobile app.Countries that have used this type of app have been able to manage the coronavirus pandemic quite effectively.

In relation to visa applications, the President said ''In preparation for the re-opening of our borders, South African missions abroad will open for visa applications and all long-term visas will be reinstated. The tourism sector is one of our greatest economic drivers. We are ready to open our doors again to the world and invite travellers to enjoy our mountains, our beaches, our vibrant cities and our wildlife game parks in safety and confidence.''

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