UNWTO Inspiration Brand Africa Challenge: Finalists identify Collaboration as Key ingredient in the rollout of Campaign

UNWTO Inspiration  Brand Africa Challenge: Finalists identify Collaboration as Key ingredient in the rollout of  Campaign

Picture: Triya Govender the lead for The Creative Collective of South Africa & Kenya

After months of brainstorming on ways to help position Africa positively in the minds of travellers through the inspiration brand Africa challenge, the organizers, the world tourism organization settled on the final ten to slug it out for the ultimate prize.

“A destination is not only what it shows on the outside, but most of all everything it inspires and transmits. The brand of a destination (city, country, continent) is a strategic asset in terms of communication and business: a good brand construction leads to good economic and financial results. In this age of hyper connection and cloned models, where everyone looks too much the same, those in charge of destination strategies are starting to understand the key value they have in their hands -even though in general they still undervalue it or directly ignore it. Competition among destinations for the attention, time, and money of businesses, travellers, tourists, students will keep on growing in the coming years, but if they really wish to be successful in the completion of their goals, they must embrace Branding in a professional way.”- Andy Stalman, Co-founder, and CEO of Totem Branding

Andy Stalman, Co-founder, and CEO of Totem Branding

In an engaging conversation with eight of the finalists on the VA Tourism Podcast, they all felt Africa is indeed blessed with diverse tourism offering to become the “must go” destination for travellers. They adduce all the positive draw to back their campaigns to see Africa attract not just numbers but tourism’s high-end numbers.

One area which was the denominator in the conversation was the need for greater collaboration to optimize the potential of the continent. Asked about how their incredible campaigns can effectively shape the perception of travelers, the majority pinned it to the ability to rally the key stakeholders in the tourism ecosystem to realize their ultimate objective.

Speaking together for the first time, the finalists praised the world tourism organization for the initiative to help build a positive African Brand for the African renaissance agenda.

Africa Tourism Association (we are one campaign )

”Now is the time for Africa to reclaim her story, cultivate her resources, and celebrate her heritage. Africa has everything she needs to stand on her own. By collaborating with African creatives global ambassadors our campaign will showcase Africa as a diverse destination that offers rich opportunities for human connection and culturally transformative experiences with a focus on economic growth, youth empowerment, gender equality, and sustainability”

Mirabelle Communications

“There are countless reasons to choose Africa and even more ways to enjoy the continent which formed the basis for Africa, Experience it All campaign. Our campaign seeks to build an authentic connection that encourages international travellers to take the time in understanding its people, culture, history and natural beauty in a meaningful way, especially in a post COVID-19 world. We are excited for this opportunity to use our knowledge and experience to re-emphasise Africa on the global travel market.”

Rainmaker Team

“An impactful unique and holistic branding campaign conveying the unique mystery touch of your soul when visiting Africa. Because “…everyone says when they visit Africa something in their Live changes …it gets under your skin …its personal …and it touches your soul…” The Key is to claim this emotional selling proposition, that sets Africa far apart from any other destinations. With impressive impact – simple without sounding dumb – unheard without being unclear – and ultimately uncommon while building on common sense. In other words: TANTALIZING AFRICA. The unique and holistic ingredient and endorsement campaign character significantly accelerate awareness and reach whereby the digital integration makes this campaign span all along the entire customer journey – from the first inspiration and planning, via booking & paying, towards sharing the experience.”

The Creative Collective

“We believe that Africans should own and shape the narrative about their homes. This ownership is critical to positively shifting stereotypes and expanding global perceptions about travel on the continent and positioning it as a world-class destination. Going beyond the stereotypes about travel in Africa creates new opportunities for local tourism-related businesses, which is critical to stimulating the growth of the industry and truly unlocking it’s potential!”

Roland Vorwerk, the convener of the Afrika Yetu team;

“As the Cradle of Humankind, Africa is the beginning of our human story. The diversity of African culture, creativity, biodiversity and landscapes are the vital attributes of a continent that is witnessing its youthful population nurture and grow its heritage to ensure a better future in a fast-changing world. We aim to make it simple for Africans to tell their heritage stories and for our partners to use that content with ease on their respective platforms, in order to amply the positive messaging about tourism to the continent.”

Ubuntu Team

This is not just another tourism campaign. We will see amazing landscapes, exotic islands, wild animals, unique local flavors… but we will also go deeper into the essence of Africa to attract a new generation of tourists that are looking for a profound connection with the places they visit and what better way to achieve this than using an original African concept: UBUNTU. Based on this concept we will promote the wonders of Africa through the emotions that it triggers in tourists, the conversations that it inspires, and the richness of its people and lifestyles: AFRICA INVITES YOU TO LIVE.

Art Lebedev Studio- We don’t Know Africa

”People may believe they know the continent, but that’s not true. They don’t know it. We want to open the world’s eyes to Africa”.

One thing for sure is that in spite of our alluring and humbling experience the continent of Africa presents, we need to position the continent well in the minds of travelers.

Oscar Abuko- Kenya

Oscar Abuko- Freelancer Kenya

”The idea is to create a marketing campaign that is a part entertainment, one that will push the audience to actively participate in a collective experience. To go beyond the all-too-familiar digital experience, and book a trip to comms see Africa for themselves”

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