Landtours seals 25th position on Ghana Club 100 rankings

Landtours has been recognized as the 25th best performing company of the year at the 17th Ghana Club 100 awards ceremony.

Receiving the award, Sales and Operations Manager of the company, Tara Gbedema said Land Tours is proud to have been recognized again this year [2018].

In a bid to compete aggressively on the international market, Ms. Gbedema said the company
Is developing new initiatives which will help it utilize emerging and cutting edge travel technology to achieve its goals.

“At Landtours, we consistently strive to work hard and deliver the best travel experiences to our customers, as well as inform and educate people from around the globe about diverse aspects of our rich African culture.

“Our presence on the GC100 as the only Destination Management Company & Tour Operator further affirms our authority in the tourism industry and as the 25th best performing Company, the receipt of this prestigious award signifies that our efforts are not unnoticed and we are indeed moving in the right direction.

Our persistent dedication to exceptional customer service delivery over the last two decades has translated into the growth and success of Land tours,” Ms. Gbedema said.

This is the fifth time the company has been recognized at the Ghana Club Awards ceremony.

The Ghana Club 100 (GC 100) which was launched in 1998 by the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) is held annually to honour the top 100 companies in Ghana.

Companies making it into the GC 100 are to serve as role models for the private sector and provide a forum for corporate Ghana to interact with the government at a high level.

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