Ada as a tourism enclave launched; area to see massive tourism developments

Ada has been designated a tourism enclave with area earmarked for big tourism projects in the near future.

The initiative is a partnership between the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) and the Ada East Municipal Assembly to develop the area and especially its beachfront into a world-class tourism hub. To this this extent, a 7-member working group was yesterday inaugurated at the launch of the project.

The group which is co-chaired by Sarah Pobee and Akwasi Agyeman; Ada East Municipal Chief Executive and the CEO, GTA respectively, will work on a blueprint of inventory of all tourism sites, potential sites and policies needed for the development of the tourism potential of the area.

The blueprint according to the Agyeman, will hinge on 10 key pillars that will define the Ada as a tourism enclave initiative. They include, Ada as rest area, as an area of massive investment opportunities, an area for corporate and business retreat, an area for promoting cultural tourism, among others.

An investment partner has since been engaged to help begin the process of development of some of the projects.
Among the numerous tourism potentials of Ada include spots for marine watching, the Ada (Lake Volta) Estuary, the vibrant Asafotufiam Festival of the Chiefs and People of the Ada Traditional Area as well as beachfront and waterfront facilities for tourism.

The estuary also offers the best conditions for water sports like sailing, canoeing, fishing, water skiing, wake boarding and jet skiing.
Another important water body and one of the most important salt mining areas in the country is the Songhor Lagoon which also serves as a base for birdwatchers.

25 members of the community have been selected to receive specialized training by GTA to bring them up to speed with best tourism and hospitality standards.

Story by: Samuel Obeng Appah

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