Ghana and Mozambique features in AirBNB’s 19 places to visit in 2019

As the year comes to an end, pundits, travel writers, magazines and other major travel and research groups are revealing the most wanted countries to be visited by tourists in 2019.

AirBNB an important player in the tourism supplier chain has released its 19-city list to be visited in 2019. Ghana and Mozambique were the only African countries to have their cities featured on the list.

Ghana which featured on number seven on the list was quoted as ‘’
Ghana is emerging as a global African destination and a place for spiritual journeys and self-discovery, and has seen a significant influx of international travelers to-date. With Makola Market offering its must-see colorful bazaar and the Labadi and Kokrobite beaches along the Gulf of Guinea boasting an exciting nightlife, there is no shortage of promised stimulation on this part of West Africa’s Atlantic coast.

Mozambique was followed Ghana on 8th place
‘’This southern African beach getaway is home to nature galore — coral islands, the mangrove-covered Iso Island, and marine and national parks. The Indian Ocean surrounding the islands is home to 2,000 types of colorful fish prime for watching by scuba diving or snorkeling. Animal lovers can further rejoice in Mozambique’s pink flamingos, Nile crocodiles and dolphins.’’

The full list are Xiamen-China, Puebla-Mexico, Normandy-France, Great Smokey Mountains-US, Buenos Aires Province-Argentina, Accra-Ghana, Mozambique, Outer Herbrides-Scotland, Wakayama Prefeture-Japan, Catskill Mountain and Hudson Valley-US, Santa Catarina State-Brazil, Batumi-Georgia, Winnipeg-Canada, Pondicherry-India, Uzbekistan, Calabrai-Italy, Andalusia-Spain, Taiwan,

Ponta Mamoli Beach in Mozambique

Airbnb’s predictions were based on a combination of Airbnb search, booking and wish list growth data. The statement released on its website stated ‘’ AirBnb Based on a combination of Airbnb search, booking and wish list growth data*, we’re once again forecasting growing interest in more off-the-beaten-path regions, cities and towns to explore’’.

‘’Ranging from a vehicle-free island off the coast of southeastern China’s Xiamen, to the site of Woodstock’s 50th anniversary celebration next year, we’ve found that most of our trending destinations are places where the increased “healthy,” more sustainable and authentic tourism will benefit residents and travelers alike, promoting emerging locales like Accra, Ghana; supporting environmental sustainability in places like Calabria, Italy; and offering the chance to help rebuild communities after natural disasters, starting with the top-trending destination on our list: Kaikoura, New Zealand.’’

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