Nominees for maiden Hospitality Awards Ghana unveiled

Nominees for the first ever Hospitality Awards Ghana were on Friday, June 21 announced at a cocktail event at the Accra City Hotel.

The maiden awards ceremony will recognise and reward heads of departments within hospitality establishments who through their works are helping to boost the industry. Chief Operating Officer of 90 Degrees Event Ghana, organisers of the awards, Mrs. Linda Mensah Vidzdro said the scheme is also for these establishments who have carved a niche of excellence in the hospitality industry over the past year.

Mrs. Linda Mensah Vidzro is COO at 90 Degrees Event Ghana

In a all, 12 award categories are up for grabs and the general public has a 70% voting right to determine the winners. The rest of the 30% will be determined by an Awards Board made up of top industry players.

Explaining the voting process, Head of IT at 90 Degrees Event Ghana, Abdul Rashid, disclosed that anyone who wishes to vote for the nominees under any of the categories could dial the shortcode, *711*83# and follow the voice prompt.

Head of IT at 90 Degrees Event Ghana, Abdul Rashid explaining the voting process

Winners of the Hospitality Awards Ghana will be revealed in July at the Swiss Spirit and Suits Alisa Hotel in Accra. Voting ends on July 23, 2019.

See below all 12 categories:

By: Samuel Obeng Appah

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