Dakar-Accra-Dakar Direct Flights: Air Senegal Starts Pax Service to Accra

The maiden Air Senegal flight from Dakar to Accra landed at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) today, Monday Dec 16, 2019 at exactly 5:33am.

The maiden flight had 62 passengers on-board–7 in business and 55 in economy. The airline is expected to operate four weekly flights between the two cities.

Senegal’s new national airline, is at the heart of the Emerging Senegal Plan with the ambition of erecting a real regional air hub around Blaise Diagne International Airport.

The new national airline, Air Senegal, aims to be the leader in West African air transport by relying on the regional HUB AIBD (Blaise Diagne International Airport). Its mission is to serve both domestic and international lines.

The airline says it “wants to be a citizen company, with international standards, with a business model based on customer satisfaction and operational excellence, while respecting the safety and security standards of the aeronautical industry.”

The airline has a fleet of 7 aircraft in service, made of Airbus A319s, A330-900 Neo,and ATRs, with additional eight (8) expected in 2020. These equipment were bought by the Senegalese state to revive its defunct national airline.

Experienced Ghanaian Travel company, Travel Matters, is the GSA of Air Senegal in Ghana.

Source: AviationGhana

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