Ghana: Busua come alive with 10th AsaBaako Festival


This past weekend was a thrilling one for revellers and the people of Busua as Asa Baako brought Busua to life with beats from all over Ghana and across Africa.

With the ever vibrant buzz the festival comes with, The hashtag Asabaako2020 got Trending across all the socials, as people shared their unique experiences

The event which has for many years been a go-to event during the independence day holiday period, had people from all walks of life coming together to have fun and jam to different sounds from DJs and artists from all over Ghana and around the world.

AsaBaako2020_Photographer Credit_BK Oduro_04

Listed by Vogue as a ‘Festival of the Future’, Asa Baako started as a party on the beach in 2011 with 500 people and now one of Ghana’s best loved festivals attracting over 5,000 revellers, and it’s tenth edition was no different.

There were various activities revellers took part in during the March 4 to 8 duration; Sound Systems, Trip to Nzulezu, Tree Planting, Yoga, Jam sessions, boat trips, Surfing, Beach Games the legendary Jungle Party and more.

AsaBaako2020_Photographer Credit_BK Oduro_05

Eugene Asare a final year student at Accra Technical University who was at the festival shared his experience, “This is the third time I’ve been to Asa Baako and I can say I’ve had the most fun this year! I hope we get more of such great performances and activities in the coming editions”.

A unique aspect of this year’s festival is the ‘Music Residency’ program, a project which aims to support music makers from producers, singers and DJs to instrumentalists to find their own voice and push the boundaries of African music today.

AsaBaako2020_Photographer Credit_BK Oduro_11

With support from the British Council “Future Festival Fund”, Asa Baako hosted an 8-day residency bringing over three artists from the UK who worked alongside artists from Ghana.

Kofi Debrah and Yemisi Mokuolu, producers of the festival highlighted what it means for them to put such an event together.

“We are passionate about how music and the arts can create positive social change. Over the past few years, we’ve been working closely with the lwocal community to deliver programmes that positively promote the region economically and socially,

“And we’d like to thank our incredible team of volunteers who made it happen.”

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