First batch of endorsed events for ‘December In GH’ 2023 unveiled


The Ghana Tourism Authority and the Beyond the Return Secretariat have today, unveiled a preliminary list of events and activities endorsed for the upcoming ‘December In GH’ celebration in 2023. This tourism brand started in 2019 during the ‘Year of Return’ campaign aims to promote African renaissance and unity while showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Ghana.

Out of 128 event proposals received by the Beyond The Return Secretariat, 91 have been selected for inclusion in this year’s ‘December in GH’ event calendar, spanning various regions and themes.

Annabelle Mckenzie, the Manager of the ‘Beyond The Return’ Secretariat, revealed the regional distribution of the endorsed events. The Greater Accra Region will host seventy-eight events, while the Eastern, Northern, Central, Upper East and Volta Regions will collectively hold twelve events. Additionally, the Ashanti and Western Regions will each feature one event. This diversified lineup promises to create a nationwide platform for both development and cultural celebration.

Annabelle Mckenzie, the Manager of the ‘Beyond The Return’ Secretariat

‘Beyond The Return’ is a continuation of the successful ‘Year of Return’ which invited members of the global African diaspora to reconnect with their roots by visiting Ghana. Professor Esi Sutherland-Addy, Chairperson of the endorsement committee, emphasised the significance of ‘December in GH’ as an occasion for networking and unity between Ghanaians and the diaspora. She encouraged viewing the event as an opportunity for development rather than just a festive period.

Professor Esi Sutherland-Addy, Chairperson of the endorsement committee

Akwasi Agyeman, CEO of the Ghana Tourism Authority, highlighted Ghana’s global recognition for its showcase of rich African culture and commitment to Pan-Africanism.
The CEO pointed out that the event has not only bolstered the state’s revenue but also benefited various industries in both the private and government sectors. He emphasized how the influx of visitors injects revenue into the economy, stimulates local businesses, and creates short-term employment opportunities, particularly during the festive season.

Akwasi Agyeman, CEO of the Ghana Tourism Authority

Agyeman urged all Ghanaians to participate actively in transforming Ghana into a welcoming home for those who wish to experience the country’s rich cultural ecosystem. The ‘December in GH’ celebration aligns with the seven pillars of the ‘Beyond The Return’ initiative, which include experiencing Ghana, celebrating Ghana, investing in Ghana, branding Ghana, giving back to Ghana, facilitating diaspora pathways to Ghana, and promoting Pan-African heritage and innovation.

As ‘December in GH’ continues to gain momentum, it promises to cultivate a constant atmosphere of African heritage and Ghanaian unity through its endorsed events. The diverse and engaging lineup will provide opportunities for both Ghanaians and visitors from around the world to partake in this cultural extravaganza that resonates with the spirit of ‘Beyond The Return.’

As of today, the Beyond The Return Secretariat has opened another window of opportunity until first week in September, for event organisers to submit their events for review, possible endorsement and to update the current list.

Story by: Samuel Obeng Appah


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