Popularly known as the warm heart of Africa, because of the friendliness and warm welcome of the people, Malawi is a destination with diverse attractions. The unsurpassed jewel crown, Lake Malawi, sometimes referred to as an ‘Inland Sea’ is not only Africa’s 3rd largest lake and one of the world’s deepest lakes, but also home to over 1000 species of fish most of which are endemic. Lake Malawi is ideal for scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking or just relaxing.

Lake Malawi

Malawi has one of the most varied and beautiful landscapes ranging from the peak of mount Mulanje to Nyika plateau, tea estates and river valleys and grasslands with picturesque scenery.

Rolling hills

As well as having superb lake, landscape, rich culture, and recent transformations of its wildlife, Malawi’s safari experiences are now starting to match its other attractions, making it perhaps the most complete destination the continent, offering the ideal opportunity to experience real Africa.

Malawi’s brand essence rests on three major competitive attributes namely:
• Rich in Contrast – diverse lake experience, variety of landscapes, habitats, climates and cultural assets.
• Compact in Size – short distances between attractions, comparatively little crowded.
• Big in Hospitality – peaceful environment, neighborly social interaction, tolerant and authentic relationship with visitors and other Cultures.

Its main tourism product lines include: experience lake, experience nature, experience wildlife, experience culture and people, experience MICE.
Some of the reasons for you to visit Malawi.

• Pleasant climate,
• Peaceful and compact,
• Big in Hospitality,
• Africa’s newest Big Five destination,
• Authentic nature experience,
• Attractive outdoor sporting conditions
• Rich cultural Heritage
• Local Delicacies and
• Popular events.

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