TAAG, TAP to increase Luanda-Lisbon flights

The Angolan and Portuguese airlines, TAAG and TAP, are gearing up to increase the number of flights from Luanda to Lisbon through an Air Transport agreement to be to be signed next week by Angola and Portugal.

The new agreement replaces the previous deal signed in Lisbon on October 14, 2010, which established the conducting of 14 flights weekly.

The Portuguese official, who was speaking in Luanda on Monday during a meeting with business people from Portugal operating in Angola, announced the increase of the credit line for the support of the exports from €1 billion to €1,5 billion (R25,6bn).

On Tuesday, after the meeting with Angolan President, João Lourenço, the two governments are expected to sign several agreements, among them a convention to put an end to double taxation and a memorandum for a progressive debt regularisation of Angolan public personalities and Portuguese companies.

Source: Tourismupdate.co.za

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