#AHIF2018: Hyatt Hotels to open 9 new properties by 2020

Hyatt Hotels has announced plans to open nine (9) more properties in sub Sahara Africa by 2020.

The Regional Vice President for Sub Saharan Africa, Tejas Shah told VoyagesAfriq Travel Media, the nine facilities are already under construction in various African countries and expected to open for business by 2020.

"We're looking at new markets like Algeria, Ethiopia, Kenya and Senegal whilst expanding in our existing markets of Morocco, Egypt and Tanzania"

"Africa is a continent growing at a phenomenal pace. It has 6 of the 10 growing economies in the world. It is therefore a market that the Hyatt customer is always travelling to. We're therefore also looking at expansion on the continent “he explained.

He spoke to VoyagesAfriq Travel Media on the sidelines of the Africa Hotel Investment Forum, AHIF. Mr Shah described the conference as a fine networking opportunity adding that the event venue in Nairobi, Kenya was a reflection of that country’s tourism potential.

Click to watch the interview

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