Tanzania: Z’ Bar to Host Tourism Promotion Show


ZANZIBAR is to host the first ever Tourism show themed ‘Responsible tourism for a better and greener tomorrow’ this week to promote tourism, the largest economic sector in the Isles.

The Isles Minister of Information, Tourism and Heritage, Mahmoud Thabit Kombo said President Ali Mohamed Shein is expected to grace the opening ceremony of the show expected to attract more than 130 exhibitors and visitors from more than 20 countries.

He said the show has from the word go attracted huge number of exhibitors whilst hoteliers, tour companies and both local and foreign investors are eager to participate and display their products.

“This show is part of a promotional strategy in tourism sector initiated by the government of Zanzibar and private sector aimed to further assist Zanzibar destination in its sustainable positioning in the global market.” he said, adding that, “the contribution of tourism is immense, and particularly Zanzibar depends on the quality of service provided and the scale of the promotion.”

He pointed out that the theme is mainly put forth to show that even with the need of increasing tourism Zanzibar intends to be responsible with conserving the environment and beautiful scenery it has making it an even better destination.

Minister of Information , Tourism and Heritage of Zanzibar Hon. Mahmoud Kombo and the
Managing Director of Tanzania Tourist Board, Ms Devota Mdachi addressing the press during SITE

The three-day show will include field trips touring the Island’s country side, sightseeing, film screening, tourism workshops and seminars; and award ceremony aiming at honouring champions in tourism, pioneers behind tourism development in Zanzibar, he added.

Shading a little light on Zanzibar’s tourism he said, “this is the largest economic sector and essential for the Island’s socio-economic stability. It accounts for 27 per cent of GDP, 80 per cent for foreign revenue and provides the highest private sector employment.

Showing his concern on how tourism affects culture he said that it depended highly on Zanzibar and the way to promote the Isles culture.

“Although it is hard to put limits on tourists who come to visit we try to point out to them through tour operators on what to observe when in Zanzibar, especially during the Holy month of Ramadan as this is not just a religion but partly Zanzibar’s culture.”

On the other hand, the Executive Secretary of the Commission for Tourism, Dr Abdullah Mohammed said Zanzibar boasts an enviable collection of tourist attractions that attract a significant number of domestic and international visitors to the Island; and with the changing economic environment this increases its importance every year.

“In consistent with long term national tourism strategy that aimed to grow tourism at its peak, our aim is to grow further by increasing number of visitors, explore more destinations that attract a significant number of domestic and international visitors to Zanzibar,” he noted.

The ministry is working with key stakeholders including Zanzibar Association of Tourist Investors (ZATI) and Zanzibar Association of Tours Operators (ZATO) in order to implement, support and identify actions potential for the tourism industry, explained Dr Mohammed.

“In adding up all these efforts, Zanzibar has recently scooped the World Tourism Council (WTC) Award for the emerging tourism destination market,” he added.

Speaking on the raised concerns on security he said that “Zanzibar is now safe for every citizen and tourist alike.

There is stone town patrol, opened various police stations near places tourists often visit and community policing; we have the CCTV projects which have helped a lot in attaining a safe Zanzibar.”

Story by Mary Ramadhani

Source: Daily News


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