Ghana: Chefs undergo training on food safety and presentation

Members of the Chefs Association of Ghana (CAG) have begun a 5-day capacity building workshop on food presentation and safety using local ingredients.

The training which started on Monday October 22, 2018 is to reorient the chefs on the need to ensure safety in the kitchen whether they are preparing for a small group or en masse for the consuming public.

Personnel from the Food and Drugs Authority took the chefs through areas such as the Overview of the Public Health Act 2012 in Relation to Mass Catering, Food Contamination and Risk factors.

Other topics to be treated within the period of training include Principles of Good Catering Practices, Selection of Food Element, Cooking Techniques Method, Documentation and Record Keeping, Principles of Conducting Internal Audit of Catering Operations, amongst others.

President of CAG, Isaac Sackey is optimistic participants would be equipped with the requisite skill to improve safety standards of food and get a better perspective on the nuances of food production.

The training workshop is sponsored by the BUSAC Fund with support from DANIDA, the Embassy of Denmark in Accra, USAID and the European Union.

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