Lufthansa’s first African Airbus A350-900 route, Munich - Cape Town

Lufthansa has introduced the Airbus A350-900 to its South African network, with the first flight from Munich landing in Cape Town on December 2.

This is the first time the aircraft has been used on one of Lufthansa’s African routes.

General Manager of Lufthansa Group Southern Africa, Dr André Schulz, said: “Bringing the A350-900 to the South African market is an exciting development for Lufthansa. Based on the positive reactions from travellers around the world, we believe that our South African passengers will also enjoy the ergonomically designed interior of the aircraft, together with unique lighting and more space for storing personal items, which create a special travel experience for our customers.”

Wesgro CEO, Tim Harris, said Cape Town was honoured to be selected as the first African destination to receive the environmentally friendly and improved comfort aircraft. “A 5% increase in two-way traffic between Germany and Cape Town International has already been recorded between January and September of this year, in comparison with 2017. We hope to see these numbers grow over the next year as we seek to boost travel, trade and tourism between Cape Town and Munich.”

Source: Tourismupdate

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