The Voyager’s unparagoned offer


Looking for an entirely new hotel experience? Planning a subtle kind of adventure with a scenic, breathtaking feeling? A cruise ship hotel is the new cool and this is where your search ends.

Voyager Beach Resort, fashioned along the lines of a luxury cruise ship in Mombasa, says, “Welcome on board!” You seize being a guest as soon as you arrive. You become an eminent passenger ready to take on the world and enjoy nature.

Sammy Meande, cruise commander in an exclusive interview with Voyages Afriq says the entire team is very proud of Voyager Hotel, which is the only ship themed hotel in Africa.

The Voyager Beach Resort is located in Kenya’s North coast of Mombasa, and is famous for hosting some of Africa’s finest family entertainments and animation programmes, including unique themed journeys across the seven seas.

“As soon as you come in, you’re no longer a guest, you become a passenger. We get you to the quay which is generally known in other hotels as the reception. We give you boarding passes then get you to board,” Meande said.

In Voyager, the chain of command run uniquely, rooms are known as cabins, the staff are referred to as crew, the managers are officers. The crew’s commander is the operations manager and the captain is the general manager.

Some of its rooms facing the indian ocean

“The unique thing about Voyager is that this is a ship that moves from one port of call to another port of call on daily basis,” Meande said.

According to him, it’s a breathtaking experience because it’s not a static ship.It moves from port to port and at each port of call it offers guests the peculiar aspect of enjoying the food, culture and entertainment of that port.

You might want to dine one evening, enjoy entertainment which comes in so many forms, get treated to a delicious cuisine, enjoy a host of other things from that port, sleep in a comfortable cabin room, and wake-up docked at your next port of call.

One of its three customised swimming pools

“Our staff are friendly, the food is wonderful and the cruise is an experience to keep for years. It’s a kind of thing that we’ll like to invite all to come and join us enjoy,” he said.
There is not a better time to experience Africa’s only hotel which is fashioned along the lines of a luxury cruise ship, the MV Voyager than this yuletide.

The MV Voyager is about to take you on a wonderful voyage of the sea with no creature comfort spared.

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